For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with both the animal world and the creative process.  Those fascinations have manifest themselves as a love for the biological and natural sciences and art in its myriad forms.  The first had led me to pursue a degree in biology and the second has led me to express my love for life in all its incarnations through the visual arts.  They have fused to create a style that is both emotive and exacting.  It has been remarked that I approach my work with the patience of a scientist.  My genre of choice is wildlife and as my subjects I have generally chosen species with conservation concerns; those on the precipice of extinction.  Through my work, I hope to raise the consciousness of the viewer to respect these creatures as individuals; we are not the only beings on this planet struggling to survive and environmental risks are shared by us all.

My medium of choice is scratchboard which I find uniquely challenging and satisfying.  It lends itself well to use of chiaroscuro and dramatic light effects, resulting in works that are visually striking.   Scratchboard as a fine art is a relatively new medium, but the concept is ancient.  It is a form of direct engraving using a clay board coated with black (and sometimes other colors) india ink.  Using blades and various other tools, the artist carefully removes the layer of ink to reveal the white clay beneath.  It is a very exacting and precise art form which requires patience and mistakes are not as easily corrected as with other mediums.  It is ideal for wildlife images and the rendering of fine detail; no paintbrush can produce a line as fine as a razor blade.

I am currently represented by Decoys and Wildlife Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ.



Finalist in the Artist Magazine Annual Competition for Wisdom of the Ages


Juried into the 34th Annual Berks Art Alliance Show – Oblivion – Awarded Honorable Mention

Juried into the 2011 Birdsboro Fine Arts Exhibition

Invited to 2011 Atonement Lutheran’s Celebration of the Arts


Juried into the 37th Annual Berks Art Alliance Show – Mountain Climber – Awarded Third Place