New Scratchboard – Grey Wolf

This is my largest and most ambitious scratchboard thus far.  I seriously underestimated how much work would be necessary to nearly cover such a large board and it became far more involved than I had anticipated.  However, I am quite pleased with the results and this piece is now framed and ready for the coming show at my gallery.  The title makes this a little politicized, especially for someone living near Yellowstone where these animals have been reintroduced.  Perhaps they are responsible for taking the occasional animal from a rancher’s herd, but they are not the sinister villains that popular sentiment would have them be.  Wolves are sorely misunderstood animals, with stories like Red Riding Hood and some primeval fear we have elicited by their chilling howl.  Yet, in their social structure, they are not unlike ourselves, more so than any other major predator.  We don’t need to wipe out our apex predators in order to live in peace with them.

We Must Not Be Enemies



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