Introducing my most ambitious project to date.  This one is a 16X20, which is huge  for a scratchboard, which requires meticulous removal of ink mostly done with a scalpel.  Zebras are notorious for a dispostion that lends them to being easily spooked with a strong instinct to panic and flee.  One of the reasons why they are such poor candidates for domestication.  Yet, that works well for them in the wild, as scientists believe a purpose for their bold stripes could be to prevent a predator from singling out an individual in the midst of a stampeding herd.  I can attest myself there are several spots in this piece where I am not sure which animal the stripes actually belong too.  It is quite likely these animals are fleeing from a crocidile lunging at them from just outside the picture plane, yet equally likely they are spooking at nothing at all.  I hope the image captures the sense of chaos and fear and so I have titled it “Panic”.


And some closeups.



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