We’re finally crawling out of the deep freeze here in Pennsylvania.  And not a moment too soon.  It’s still only in the 50’ss most days but that’s a lot better than days on end below freezing.   We can hear migrating geese in the air and my daffodils are just starting to break the surface.  So, in a few short weeks we’ll be able to enjoy our patio again, hoping all my plants survived the cold.

This little board is in celebration of spring.  Hummingbirds were my mother’s favorite bird and I make a point of attracting them to our garden.  We always have a feeder and several plants that they like not much time passes that I don’t hear them buzzing around.  Not sure how much longer till they arrive hear from their long journey but it doesn’t feel like it will be nearly soon enough.

Ruby Red & Fuschia


14-3 Hummingbird and Fushia