New Macaw Scratchboard

 I decided for my next scratchboard that the subject would be avian.  I had seen other scratchboard artists do work with birds as the subject and really liked the effect.  I certainly  underestimated how time consuming this would be.  Feathers have thus far been the most difficult thing I’ve attempted to render in either oil or scratchboard.  This is on Ampersand Scratchboard, and the size is 14X11.  It will be a pair of Millitary Macaws, which are native to Central America

This first image is from several days ago and is a crop of the first bird’s face, the color cast here is very blue, but it’s a good closeup of the detail. 


This image is where I am currently at in the process for this piece and shows the entire board.  Although this does appear to be nearly finished, this is just the first layer of scratching.  I am planning to color this piece so after this stage is complete I will ink most of it with a dark green that will be the middle tone/shadow colors and then will go over it again several times to give it more definition.  It looks really flat now because almost everything has been scratched without paying much attention to the shadows and highlights that would indicate what is called “turning form”, or the way color and shadows change as light falls on a three dimensional object.  It is very difficult in scratchboard to create areas that are simultaenously detailed and also in shadow.  Middle tones can be achieved by reducing the density of scratches, but that reduces the clarity of the image and it tends to make the light appear very harsh.  That can be effective for some subjects with dramatic lighting but I want the light have a softer, more natural feel in this one.  Once I ink it for the first time the areas that should be in shadow will appear much darker.  For the finished peice it will help create the illusion of areas that are dimly lit, but that still have discernable detail, much like the eye can pick out detail in shadows in real life.


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