Macaw Update

After more work on the macaw pair I finished the first layer of scratching and washed ink over the entire board.  The ink I’m using is Ampersand’s brand of scratchboard inks which are thin out of the bottle; like caligraphy inks.  Allegedly they are specially formulated to blend seamlessly over the black india ink once varnish is sprayed on the board.  For now, any overpainting is very obvious, especially in the third photo, but that will be invisible by the time the piece is done.  They do blend well, but I’ve never compared them to how any other paint would perform for the same task.  Some scratchboard artists have been using acrylic paint of colored pencils and I hope to try those myself sometime.

These pictures show the board after the first layer of ink, second scratching, and finally second layer of ink, which was a lighter green/yellow than the previous color.  The third picture suffered from a lot of glare and the black looks washed out.


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