New Work and New Life

After a considerable leave of absence I am finally back with new work to share.  Life has taken on a new dynamic with the birth of my first born son this January.  He is a welcome companion with me in the studio, but has thus far proven to be a harsh critic.  I hope he does not forever have a habit of crying when he sees something he does not like.  🙂

This first piece is a nearly completed oil painting intended for our living room.  I have little of my work hanging in our home, much to my husband’s chagrin, and this is meant to add to the tribal feel in that space.  It may be slated for the Berks Art Alliance competition this summer and if accepted I will be having prints made, however the original is destined only for my home.  It is my largest oil painting thus far, at 18X36 with the addition of abstract elements adding a new flair.  I wanted to introduce a touch of the human culture that surrounds these animals in their home.

Tribal Patterns

18X36, Oil


This piece is my newest scratchboard in progress and represents a move towards more dramatic lighting for these works, which will remain in black and white.  For this and many following pieces, I hope to use this medium’s strength for chiaroscuro to its fullest potential.

16X12, Scratchboard


This final image is my official moment to brag.  🙂  This is my son, at fourteen weeks of age.  Getting to know this little person has been a tremendous joy, especially on the days when he sleeps through the night.  I’m blessed to have  happy and content baby who already seems insatiably curious about his world, so much so that he has grown to dread his nap time, that however, is another story for another blog.



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