Tiger Scratchboard Just Finished

Slowly moving along here.  I’m really enjoying working through these projects.  Without the looming deadlines I once faced with my gallery, I have the luxury of devoting as much time to a piece as necessary to bring it to a satisfactory finish.  Three new pieces every two months at this level of detail was a stressful pace.  Hopefully multiple shows are in the future for this piece, starting with the Berks Art Alliance show this summer and The Goggle Works in Reading, PA. Goggle Works Offical Site

My goal is to produce at least ten scratchboards of this quality in time for the 2013 judging of the International Scratchboard Society.  I am currently an active member and I’m hoping to achieve at least a signature membership, which is one step down from the best of the best.  As a charter member of the society, it’s a distinction that will do well on my resume.



One thought on “Tiger Scratchboard Just Finished

  1. Amazing work Amy! I’m sure will have no problem reaching the highest distinction in the scratchboard society! Crystal

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